fechnerMEDIA – a substantial and experienced production company

As laureates of the European Solar Prize, we from fechnerMEDIA have long been convinced of the necessity of a fundamental change of views. For more than 14 years we have shown exemplary images of sustainable behaviour – with a large variety of international award-winning documentary films, public relations campaigns and large-scale media projects.
Our motto:
We do not want to depict catastrophes, but solutions for a better, a different future.

Since its foundation in 1990 fechnerMEDIA has become Germany‘s leading film production company and publishing house focusing on sustainable development and renewable energies. In the past 15 years our interdisciplinary team of authors, directors, communication experts and sustainability experts has produced more than 50 documentaries of 30 to 90 minutes length, mostly for primetime broadcasting by European TV.
Twenty international awards and the participation in numerous European festivals are an indicator of our success. We were awarded with the German and European Solar Prizes as early as 1998. The jury emphasised our „extraordinary merits in presenting condensed information in an understandable way for experts and lay people alike. fechner-MEDIA productions are broadcast by many TV-stations in Europe. They reach a large audience and significantly contribute to a change of awareness in favour of renewable resources.“


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