We know that we can do something.

Sun, wind, hydro and geothermal energy are natural sources accessible to everyone all over the world without making any difference. And they are renewable, free and available in the long run. Only the widespread knowledge about the possibilities of renewable energy can ignite an international movement and take the absolutely necessary energy transition. We need a quickly enlightening medium that conveys this knowledge comprehensible and compactly. This can be provided by a great documentary. We have made it.

  • Its title: THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy

The cinema documentary THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy describes the possibility to switch to 100% renewables within the next 30 years by telling the stories of its protagonists, a prominent environmental activist, Nobel laureates, innovative businessmen and politicians. It demonstrates the opportunities which will be provided by the energy revolution regarding the sustainable economic development and social and economic fairness.
For a start the film will be brought to German cinemas, accompanied by a campaign event around the cinema release in many different cities in Germany.

  • Its message: The transition is possible. The only precondition: We need to want it!

Followed by a multi-part television version, and a didactic DVD with bonus material for educational institutions to ensure the further spread of the issue before it comes into the cinemas worldwide.

The film aims to raise awareness and to lead towards the dawn of the solar age.

At the end of this film there will be a new beginning for everyone!